Will Listening To Hair Subliminals Change My Hair Colour From The Roots Does It Look Weird?

Whether or not it looks weird depends on the colour you’re turning it into and the colour your hair used to be. If it’s an unnatural colour (blue, for example) then yes, it will look weird. If it is a natural colour, it won’t look like there’s anything strange going on. It will greatly affect the colour your hair is growing as (meaning your hair will start growing that colour) but it will also affect the rest of your hair, although it will change slower than your roots.

I have tried it and am still using my subliminal and I can assure you that it does work. My hair has darkened greatly since I started using my subliminal. Also, you don’t need an expensive subliminal to get results. Many of the subliminals available free on work wonderfully. Just be sure to check the description and comments. If there are the affirmations and/or people have commented about getting results, it’s generally a good subliminal to use.

Good luck!

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