Which Subliminal Channels Can I Trust?

Your question presupposes that you are interested in listening to Channels. There are a few good providers who offer their programming on , and some wonderful stuff offered for free but I would stress the word few.

The programmes I’ve downloaded and analysed through audio software reveal that only a few have hidden content. There is just nothing but peaceful sounding music and binaural beats. Either has stripped out the higher frequencies upon upload or there was nothing there in the first place, impossible to tell. Some which do have hidden content include very, very poorly formed suggestions, and I’ve come across some startlingly dangerous programming which can only lead to pervasive anxiety and negative thinking.

Having been involved in subliminal self-help over the course of the last 1012 years, I receive messages from people across the world (maybe 23 a month) who have suffered at the hands of uneducated and ignorant folk looking to make quick money.

My advice is to seek out those programmes which speak to widely accepted psychological principles and have some research to back them up. This would mean ignoring those who claim that they can make you grow taller, change your eye colour or help you contact aliens.

To answer your question, I’d probably just ask you this: Given you have only one brain, is it worth the risk?

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Subliminal Messages.

Subliminal Channels I Trust!!!!

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  1. I have been listening to Charcoal Subliminals, they’re a much newer channel. Can I trust them? I got a little paranoid after reading about Mind Power. Yikes.

  2. Miss Subliminals is pretty great as well. I use her subbies and I actually saw results. Like, results that not only I noticed but others noticed, as well. I’ve only listened to her for 3 days. (I am currently on my dad’s computer just an fyi lol)

  3. Why is ocean subliminals never mentioned? The music is amazing and they work soooooo well and she had amazing aesthetics and knows what true beauty is.

  4. Has anyone had side effects from subliminals.? I was using quantble intgerity but I get bad head aches and extreme fatigue, then suddenly I can’t sleep.


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