What Is The Definition Of Subliminal Thoughts?

It comes from the Latin sub, under, limen, threshold. Your threshold in this case is your conscious awareness. Something that’s below that threshold is unconscious. In other words, you see it, but you’re not aware you saw it.

There are plenty of examples of this from everyday life. You’re sitting in a coffee shop or conference room. What’s on the walls? What type of belt was that person wearing? You saw it, but you weren’t conscious of it because it wasn’t important enough to cross that threshold into conscious awareness.

In the late 1950s, advertising executives tried to incorporate subliminal advertising into their ads and it concerned people. It didn’t really work. Movie theaters, for example, would slip in individual frames of pictures of soda and popcorn into films, thinking it would influence your desire for snacks without you knowing it.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Subliminal Messages.

Is Subliminal Messaging Real? | Earth Lab

Are we free-willed and self-aware or could it be that we are just confused apes in the thrall of our subconscious mind? Greg Foot takes a looking at the murky idea of subliminal messaging.

[i] Loftus, Elizabeth F.; Klinger, Mark R. (June 1992). “Is the unconscious smart or dumb?”. American Psychologist. 47 (6): 761765.

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  1. The animated series “Pinky and the Brain” had an excellent example of this. The first message was slow enough to be understood and said “I can control your actions” . The second message was faster and when I went back and looked at it frame by frame it said “I made you pause your VCR”.

  2. See video of subliminal advertising from BBCEarth lab. Heck yeah. Clicked it.
    See Greg The Great is the presenter. Clicked the like.
    See hidden reference to John Carpenters: “They Live”. Desperately trying to find a “love” button to click.

    Great video guys <3

  3. Watching that video was a complete waste of time… Hell ! everything in life is a complete waste of time. I feel like I’m wasting time typing this message? Am I? Am I wasting time?

  4. If you see it on YouTube, there are no subliminal messages hidden in frames. Because not a single frame goes past your conscious perception at 60 FPS. Older videos that were 30 or even 24 FPS (when subliminal messaging was really feared) have even less chance than that.

  5. Subliminal Messages do indeed work.
    I grew 3 cm at the age of 39
    even though prior to that I hadn’t grown at all for the last 25 years of my life.

  6. Just theories? Come on, a science channel telling this??? They are no further than hypotheses. Theory means it endured all the challenges, it explains the results correctly and haven’t proven wrong. Don’t use the public meaning of the “Theory”, you are a science channel…


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