What Do Psychopaths Think Of Affirmations?

Affirmations is when you write something over and over with the intention of mentally programming yourself for success and sending the message out into the universe to achieve an end, correct?

It’s one of those things I don’t really know a lot about. I personally have never done it. I address life in a very different manner. It there is something that I want I will go after it and get it. I am not universal passenger as it were.

However, if this is something that works for someone, either in the sense that they feel more in control of their destiny, or that they associate it with good things coming their way, who am I to judge. I can’t think of a reason that this would actually work, but then again there are a lot of things in this world that are not entirely understandable. Gravity is a good example.

Just because it is not necessarily understandable by me does not remove it’s validity as a method of action. I am not religious either, but I never begrudge someone praying with me, and I will always pray with someone if they ask. It is not for me to determine their lives, nor their belief systems. If affirmations are a part of it for a person, I would be interested to hear their experience, and what they have achieved with it.

I would be curious, not critical as I don’t know nearly everything in the world. I am always open to learning about something new.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Subliminal Messages.

Self Affirming Mantras And Affirmations After Experiencing Narcissism And Psychopathy


hey it’s your buddy peace and harmony with you here today we’re gonna focus in on this video I’m really some mantras some affirmations some things that you can repeat to yourself to help empower you and help presense ‘t eyes you to a more empowering sense of reality after really experiencing a traumatic and difficult relationship with a narcissistic or psychopathic abuser I find that most people after the devaluation in the discard of the relationship tend to feel very lost feel very depressed feel taken advantage of exported and the betrayal can oftentimes be quite stifling they can feel quite blocked in their life they can feel very separate from their destiny their life purpose they don’t know what makes them happy anymore they’ve lost touch with this the experience of their happiness their contentment their feeling of self worth the feeling like they can trust themselves they feel like they had been so taken advantage of they made such a grave alot of mistakes they miss were a poor judge of people and so they were taking it you know taking advantage of and they feel like they can never trust again they can never go out and love again they feel such a grave loss and then try to ask the big questions like why me you know why did this happen to me and then they tend to become more emotionally bankrupt by staying in this emotionally you know negative downward spiral sort of brooding thought which yes you do have to process but there’s a statement that says analysis can lead to paralysis so if you try to continue waffling over and going over and it again and again and again what had happened in the relationship you do need to come to terms with it and understanding you know who who is who what is what what had transpired where did what role did I have to play in this and who are they and if they’re in a different Lane of life then you’ll let them go realizing that you forgive them and let them go and love and light that they are who they are they’re going to be who they’re going to be and you’re gonna let them go to live and enjoy their life in the way that they see fit that is their natural god given inalienable rights that they should be able to pursue their life however they see fit however you do not need to be a victim you do not need to be you know have your life triangulated I split and take the emotional backstabbing the emotional bankrupting events that you know continue to erode away at your self esteem to basically you get to a point where enough is enough and so really you know I want you to work on some mantras which i think is very important because in the narcissistic and psychopathic relationship dynamics we oftentimes see people get into a codependency which basically means you start sacrificing a lot of your happiness for their happiness so you start like living their life for them you start being so supportive you start you know you’re more of a supporter and a helper than someone who’s really living your lot your life your role has become hello are you guys there I’m just moving my camera around here forgive me for that I’m getting excited here your life becomes more habituated and to satisfying their needs trying to anticipate you know what they’re gonna need and to be there for them and to you know be be their underling be their underdog be their you know under grip whatever it’s called that basically you know is your source of supply to them so you know sitting it on the back burner sitting in the back seat you know waiting until their next text hanging on for their next phone call you know where your life is stilted and stifled and basically you know you have become codependent that’s basically what that means where your role in essences is behind them so your needs are like way behind and so you just continue in that way and then you never really vocalize these you never really get in touch with these and because you’re you’re downgraded for your needs you’re downgraded for your voice you’re downgraded for your own position in the relationship or in the in the unit or you know without wherever you’re at at your workplace your family dynamics you find that you know you’re constantly subjugated to feeling and being treated poorly so it’s very important to have a mantra and your mantra is an affirmation of your truth your spirit really kind of your perspective your value is your being in a mantra is something that you repeat over and over and over again which tends to reverberate and really send a very energetic message into your body into your being into your core so it’s like reprogramming if you will it’s reconditioning because you’ve been you know programmed the wrong way by a narcissist or a psychopath they’ve fed you all the wrong messages if you’re into computers you know they’ve fed you all the wrong programming codes you know they put all these programming and codes that you know to you to make you feel less than to make you feel lower than to make you feel like you’ve got some inherent flaw you’ve been shamed and you’ve been rejected and you’ve been abandoned and you’ve been swept back again and then you know you know batted back and forth again you you’ve been through the emotional you know bad batting cage I mean you’ve just been caged you’ve been stifled that you’re you know there’s just been too many limitations that they have basically programmed into you you are you know not good enough and you need to do this you need you need you know so you’re like living as a reaction to them so your mantras need to be your locus of control within and not responding to this person outside because that is the core issue is that you know constantly reacting reacting reacting it tends to create this fight or flight where it texes out your adrenal system and you know you’re sending a lot of stress into your body and stress is a killer stress is crippling and so you know you need to stop that and you need to work on mantras or affirmations which are affirming the positive which are affirming the profound which are affirming of your personal reality and isre sensitizing your reality is giving the human expect to you it’s basically you know putting putting the human back in you it’s putting the reality back in you you know it’s stopping the judgment it’s stopping the criticism it’s it’s ceasing all that it’s you’re no longer feeding their ego you’re you’re no longer you know you’re not looking to satisfy that because that ego is what has been so damaging to you and so you need to kind of let go of that ego and come back really to the core of you the really kind of the the one that doesn’t have anything to prove but the one that loves to just be and does have a glimmer of happiness just by sitting relaxing I’m enjoying you know the smell of a rose the sound of the wind you know the the crackle of a fire you know the smell of word burning you know the you that’s just you know enjoys kind of the more passive and simpler pleasures of life if you will because you’ve been so habituated to ignore those and ignore that state of oneness within yourself and contentment and peace so it’s time to stop ignoring that and work on your affirmations and affirmations are beginning with the I am and then followed by the mantra that you want to follow so I am safe I am at peace I am in control of my emotions I am directing my destiny I am aware of my life purpose I am living my life purpose I am living my dream I am living my life in balance and equilibrium and I have a lot going in my life for me and directed from the strength of me I am inspiration I am integrity I am worth I am existing in the ascending of my emotions I am ascending I am ascending in my emotions higher and higher each and every day I am experiencing more profound feelings of joy and happiness just by being free and further more I am me and I am free and that is enough these are examples of mantras that I want you to be able to repeat again and again and again and if you like I can make a video of a lot of these and you can repeat and recite these but it’s very important to understand that your voice creates your destiny this is they don’t teach you this in school but I’m helping to educate you and giving you some insight here your voice directs your reality your voice directs your destiny and your voice helps to direct your life purpose I am I am I am this is your identity and that’s why they say it’s so important you know play doh number one is know thyself and that should really be kind of your number one goal and objective after recovering from narcissistic and psychopathic abuse where you’ve been depersonalized where you’ve dissociated a little bit from yourself you’ve you’ve you know kind of been gasps sighted you things have been twisted around you’ve been trying to force things work so hard you need to let go of the struggle release the struggle let go of this struggle of pleasing this person the codependent habituated behaviors and mindset and let that go and now become at one with really being a powerful person in an of your own right who really sees the bigger picture in life someone who really is kind someone who does have a heart and so you you allow yourself to come back to your heart center and it is safe now and all you need to do is really exist within your heart because your heart has most of the a magnetic energy really for your whole being and that heart center you know they talk about your heart being kind of in the center of your body your body has you know energetic fields and you know lower in your body is you know your your route or you’re grounded you know your groundedness really at the base of your spine is where you ground yourself and then that is connected really at the base of your feet and then you come up you know through the abdomen into the solar plexus where you get really in to the seat of your self esteem and which is your self value that’s that’s a deep down feeling of confidence in self value and self and inhabitation if you will and so chances are you had kind of like abandoned yourself through this whole escapade with with you know a psychopathic or narcissistic or pleasing a codependent relationship where you kind of abandon that I am I am me I am happy I am bliss I am loved I have peace running throughout my body you know these are our demons that give commands to your body which then create your emotions and to have proof of this that the verbal word can impact your emotions just think about when you turn on the song that you love that makes you dance I mean there’s words and there’s music that makes you lift your emotions correct and you can also listen to music that’s very depressing very discouraging very dark you know music can have colors words can have colors as well and they all impact your emotions and your healing and your vision for your future so it’s very important for you to focus on your future focus on the solution focus on your mantras in reaffirming who you are and if it’s stating over and over and over again you’re gonna have to repeat it it’s like have you ever gone to the gym and had to work a muscle you know it might be you know it might be flabby or it might be strong but your your voice needs to get stronger and you do that through affirmations and through clearing out your energetic body and allowing it to flow and the narcissistic or psychopathic relationship oftentimes stifles that flow so you need to allow the flow to get back into your body feeling safe feeling secure feeling your personal value and your personal worth and your I am and furthermore focusing forward in your future focusing on really the things that you want to bring into your life the things that make you happy take notice of that today what things really make you giggle which make you laugh which make you smile a little bit you think are cute you think are adorable you think are wholesome you think are interesting that has your true fascination and it should be something a little bit more humanizing and wholesome so not something where you have to prove anything to anybody where you can just take in and receive something informative something educational something that enriches you and your being it helps expand and enrich your life what they call broadening your life and that will help you to fill your emotional reservoir that has been taken advantage of and depleted by a narcissistic or psychopathic abuser let them go let them be who they are they have that divine right to be who they are they can continue with their life path or life purpose you let them go and love and lights and yes you love them with all your hearts and yes you can wish that things were gonna be different but you have to forgive yourself for trying to work so hard to heal somebody and help buddy somebody who could not be changed who cannot be healed or who cannot be helped you can’t it’s too much pressure too much stress on yourself and it causes people to feel like a failure so as you work on your mantras work on them and really resonate with them and really see them throughout your even your everyday activities you know you’re making your bed you’re taking your shower you’re cooking your dinner you’re walking your dog you’re driving your car you know you’re you’re giving your speech at work continue those affirmations in the back of your mind almost like a double layer and have that going on consistently pick one two three five something you know a good amount that you can really focus on I am creative I am creative I am safe I am safe I am content I experience happiness I experience profound happiness and contentment it’s so wonderful to be free it is so wonderful to be liberated it is so wonderful to be safe I am so gratitude I have so much gratitude for being safe these are an example of some mantras and I can work on some more of these to help you specifically and I know we’ve had a lot of people ask about the recovery Journal and some of their topics there so we’re going to go into that as well peace and harmony we today I hope these videos do help please share please subscribe for more great tools videos discussion and support..

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  1. I have been Co depending all my life…. part of it is for me…. I love taking care of people…. till my narc abused my love…. but I am free from him

  2. You have so many great examples of affirmations. I would definitely love another video of your affirmations.
    Thank you!!!

  3. PLEASE do another on affirmations/mantras, and also on the recovery journal which even after as long as I’ve followed you I still don’t know about. Every sentence in this video was important – I couldn’t write them all down fast enough! But I sure got the message, thank you! The right message for this time in my recovery.

  4. What if these mantras aren’t true? Like “I am at peace”- what, do we fake it until we make it? I’m not trying to be snarky I just noticed while listening that I was saying “but that’s not true” to some of them. Thank you for all the vids, you have been a tremendous help to me and many others P&H-


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