What Are Some Examples Of Subliminal Perception?

High Fructose Corn Syrup in foods. It’s like Chow Mix for humans. Foods that don’t require this ingredient for any other reason except to get humans hooked on the product.


The same commercial played within a short time span. …. familiarization

The volume of the commercial is higher than the movie your watching.

The repeated lies such as, “You can’t do it alone!”, “You need ….”, “Hurry before their all gone!”

Quick flashes of pictures that you want the audience to get comfortable with.

Repeated violence in video games.

Sexual innuendoes.

The LANGUAGE around us. Cursing and bad diction.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Subliminal Messages.

10 Shocking Subliminal Messages Hidden In Commercials

We all hate sitting through adverts. But did you know you might have seen some subliminal adverts without even realising it? From hidden dollars in KFC to sexy ice cream, here are 10 Shocking Subliminal Messages Hidden In Adverts…

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  1. I’ve been told, afterwards, that something I saw had a subliminal message in it and I wasn’t thinking of or desiring that product in any way. I only buy the things I want or need, not whatever brand is thrown out at me. In fact, most commercials irritate me.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy some McDonald’s, Olay, and War Bonds. They’re important!

  2. “Mushing genitals” – how old do you think your audience is? Or, more importantly, how old do you want your audience to be?

  3. Please dont ever use a “TV” filter again, if I wanted to go back in time and watch your video on 1960s TV I would’ve done that

  4. it’s kind of sad that this channel just turned into stereotypical clickbait trash
    the quality in the videos has gone down so much

  5. Get tid of that video effect you have on the entire thing. It’s really just distracting and annoying, I don’t want to watch it like its some old TV

  6. …I literally cannot see anything dirty about the phone book picture. I’m preeeetty sure y’all are just reaching because you have your brains shoved into an uncleaned gutter.


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