What Are Some Examples Of An Adverb Of Affirmation And Negation?

The word which declare that something is true or some equivalent expression or negative statement, judgment, or doctrine; especially : a logical proposition is called Adverbs of affirmation and negation. They are : no longer, hardly, very, never, surely, certainly, definitely etc.

Ex”: He is certainly right. ( adverb of affirmation )

He is certainly wrong. ( adverb of negation )

I shall probably come tomorrow. ( adverb of affirmation )

I shall not probably come tomorrow. ( adverb of negation )

She is not coming. ( adverb of negation )

I am surely mistaken . ( adverb of negation )

I am surely making the payment on time. ( adverb of affirmation )

He is a fool indeed. ( adverb of negation )

He is a genius indeed. ( adverb of affirmation )

She shall never pass. ( adverb of negation )

Seldom talk to me. ( adverb of negation )

He can hardly succeed in life. ( adverb of negation )

It is no longer useful . ( adverb of negation )

He is very intelligent. ( adverb of affirmation )

He is very dull. ( adverb of negation )

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