Using Subliminal Affirmation Software to Multiply the Power of Positive Affirmations

If you’ve heard me talk about positive affirmation you already know how effective I think they can be. I’ll tell anyone who might listen about the kind of effect they’ve had on my life.

You’ve no doubt heard the kind of things people use affirmations and subliminal messages for. If you’re listening to me talk about it then it’s probably from a talk I’ve given elsewhere. But while the list is pretty endless here are a few examples:

  • Remove bad habits
  • Learn Faster
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Overcome Fear
  • Improve Your Social Skills
  • Overcome Obstacles That Prevent You From Progressing Forward
  • Understand Your Feelings
  • Multiply Your Business Achievements
  • Raise the Level of Your Overall Success

But it was only 6 months ago that someone showed me the idea of using affirmation software and the kind of explosive difference that makes compared to traditional methods.

Originally I went through the early methods. Talking to myself in a mirror and then recording myself on a cassette tape (yes, I’m old enough to have use cassette tapes).

I thought moving on to YouTube videos and pre-recorded audio was the best it was ever going to get. And don’t get me wrong — that stuff changed my life for better and always.

But I’m not one to shy away from further improvement.

Look at how much time we spend on our computers in our daily lives. Studies have shown the average person spends at least 30% there and that’s only growing.

Imagine if every second you were at the computer (or laptop) you were enhancing your personal development.

Well, that’s exactly what the folks at MindZoom were going for.

I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of wasting time. We only get one shot at life and I want to make the most of it.

Our mind can either be our best friend or our worst enemy depending on what you feed it. You wouldn’t believe how much trash we feed our mind every day!

Affirmations are defined as the assertion that something exists or is true. That being said, positive affirmations are basically when we assert that something positive about ourselves or anything else is true. This activity, in turn, yields positive results as our inner world reflects our outer world.

Many of us have a hard time feeding ourselves positive affirmations. And for those who can, we sometimes can run into a “blockage” from our conscious mind. Our conscious mind sometimes tends to question our beliefs to the point that we can become discouraged.

However, the subconscious mind accepts commands without questioning them. And that’s our sneaky way in to get real results from positive affirmations.

Well, imagine if you could feed your sub-conscious positive affirmations while performing your daily activities on your computer. Through the affirmation-delivering engine and the silent subliminal messaging center you can improve yourself without even thinking about it. Literally.

The Affirmation Delivering Engine conveys thousands of positive
commands at speeds that bypass your conscious mind and sends them
directly to your sub-conscious, SAFELY AND DISCRETELY.

The Silent Subliminal Messaging System translates text affirmations
into to speech that is then delivered through a High Frequency
envelope, which reaches the brain but is not heard by the human ear.

Affirmations (meaning statements said with confidence about a perceived truth) have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. But they don’t always work for everyone. How can one person have great success using this tool, while another sees no results at all?

An affirmation can work, because it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept. This is because the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or fantasy. When you watch a movie, and you start to laugh or cry, your mind is empathizing with the characters on the screen even though it is only Hollywood magic. There are both positive and negative types of affirmations. I’m sure many of us can remember being told as a child by a teacher, parent, or coach that we didn’t have the ability to do something (we were fat, clumsy, etc.). These unwholesome statements can stay with us in the conscious or unconscious mind, which we then reinforce throughout our lives.

For example, the fear of failure, according to Heinz Kohut, the grandfather of psychology of the self, is often intimately connected to a childhood fear of being abandoned, either physically or emotionally. When we fear failure, we tend to overestimate the risk we’re taking and imagine the worst possible scenario — the emotional equivalent of our primary caretakers deserting us. What we picture is so dreadful that we convince ourselves we shouldn’t even try to change. We avoid opportunities for success, and then when we fail, the unwholesome affirmation we unwittingly re-confirm is “Success just isn’t written in my stars,” or “It’s just not in my karma!”

If an unwholesome belief is deeply rooted in our unconscious mind, then it has the ability to override a positive affirmation, even if we aren’t aware of it. This is why, for many people, affirmations don’t seem to work: Their afflicted thought patterns are so strong that they knock out the effect of the positive statement.

The whole idea of affirmations sounded pretty new age to me at first. But there is actually a lot of psychological backing behind the idea. A friend of mine who I do respect made me give it a proper try for a few weeks waaaay back when.

I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t listened.

But using custom-built software means I can be more productive, in less time and get better results. And nobody points and laughs at me for using a cassette which is a nice bonus.

You can download the Mindzoom software here.

So here’s the deal (and it’s exclusive to Subliminal Tube viewers).

If you give this software a try I’ll send you the Subliminals Hack Pack as a bonus. The tool alone gets results and honestly, you wouldn’t need anything more. But these are my original personal notes from months working with it myself to help you get a jump start on accomplishing your goals.

The quicker you start seeing results, the easier it’ll be to stick with it for a couple of weeks. Just download the system and then send us the date you signed up, your ID and the email you want us to send the pack to.






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