Do Daily Affirmations Work If So How Long Before It Can Be Subconsciously Internalized?

Receiving daily affirmations seems to help maintain higher states of subjective well being within individuals based on some studies, e. g. writing a “Gratitude” list of three things you are grateful for, a type of self delivered affirmation that has been shown to improve and maintain a more resilient and positive attitude. This types of […]

What Are Some Affirmations That Have Changed Your Life Drastically?

A few years ago, I decided to trade Friday night bar hopping and Saturday morning hangovers for my couch, a bottle of red wine, peanut M&M’s and my laptop. I suppose this is what my grandmother used to refer to as “growing up”. Well, it was a perfectly quiet evening such as this and I […]

How Do I Create Positive Affirmations?

First things first: If I’m going to share the most effective way I know to write affirmations, I need to get something off my chest: I think people put too much stock into affirmations. Don’t get me wrong: They’re incredibly powerful tools. I believe in the law of attraction and I think affirmations have a […]

What Are Some Interesting Subliminal Things We Do As Far As Thought Processes Goes?

They’re subliminal. That means we don’t know what they are. Latin. Sub=below, limen= line or threshold. In the unconscious. We have conscious minds where we do a lot of the stuff we mistakenly think is thinking, and perhaps some actual thinking. Our unconscious mind just gets on with things. Some are instinctive, some are following […]

How Do Subliminal Messages Affect The Subconscious Mind?

It’s ironic that not necessarily subliminal messages, but the general presentation is what causes us to become attracted. Subliminal messages seem to be a highly controversial topic, but they don’t seem to work. Like the study done where they showed people Nestle tea. It did not make any difference in the amount of people who […]

Is There Any True Provable Evidence That Subliminals Work Are Real?

Evidence for Subliminal Messaging falls into two categories: Group Experimental Testing: Where one group of subjects receive subliminal messages, and another gets a placebo recording (or a blank screen in the case of visual subliminal). Usually there is a third group which is similar to groups 1 and 2, which acts as the control group. […]

Do The Hypnosis Videos Brain Enhancement Music Affirmation Speeches On Youtube Actually Work Is It The Placebo Effect?

I agree with the person who said they would be a little nervous about using free hypnosis videos, particularly binaural beats, because there is a possibility that subliminal messages could be implanted in the video (or audio). Personally, I trust the unconscious mind to reject subliminal messages that are not in our best interests, but […]

Do People Actually Get Fairer Skin Or Change Their Physical Appearance In Any Way Using Subliminal Messages?

According to MALEGROOMINGACADEMY. COM, that advices and suggests sportsmen, player and celebrities on fashion, grooming, styling and lifestyle related issues, you should focus on your inner well being more than your outer appearance. Think yourself as a form of energy, meditate and converse with the almighty power, stay silent from within and send to and […]

Does Subliminal Audio For Weight Loss Work?

YES it does!!!!Subliminal messages are stimuli that lie below our threshold of conscious awareness. Because they fall below the absolute threshold level (ATL), we can’t perceive a subliminal message, even if we’re looking for it. Example of an audio with subliminal affirmation: BURN CALORIES The powerful hidden suggestions in this audio can easily bypass your […]

Can I Use More Than One Subliminal Affirmation About Different Topics?

There is currently no research into using multiple programmes at once – so we really only ‘self reported anecdotal’ evidence. The rule of thumb is: Don’t prime too many things at once. You want to focus on a limited set of concepts and prime one set of behaviours at time. Otherwise you dilute and prolong […]