Do Positive Affirmations Reinforce The Ego In A Non Dualist Sense?

I would feel it is very likely that positive affirmations reinforce the ego. It is simply putting another layer of conditioning upon the egoic sense of a separate self, which in reality does not exist in the way we have imagined. Awakening into non-duality means that the old conditioned identity falls away, either seemingly all […]

How Do I Power Through Depression What Affirmations Do You Excersise Daily?

A few comments/ suggestions which I hope may help: – 1-Please never look at depression as a battle that you must fight. That creates resistance within you and is counterproductive in the long-run. You need to bring awareness AND understanding to how you feel first. Get to a point where you accept and befriend depression. […]

Do Forced Subliminals Give Quick Results Are The Results Permanent Do They Get Reversed?

Not sure what you mean by “forced” subminimals, as there is no such thing as a “forced subliminal”. Subliminals are simply affirmations that are below the level of conscious awareness, that’s all. The subconscious either begins to accept the affirmations, or it doesn’t (if they are too contrary to ones current thought patterns), but there […]

What Are Some Good Daily Affirmations For People With Low Self Esteem?

Please don’t use affirmations. They don’t work. It’s you arguing with yourself. Please don’t worry about your self-esteem. High self-esteem is not a sign of mental health, and there is ZERO evidence that there is any correlation between high self-esteem and accomplishment. The most dangerous people on the planet are also… This answer sums it […]

What Is The Importance Of Doing Affirmations And How Does It Affect Your Brain?

Perception determines reality. Think about it. Here’s an example: You’re walking down the street, and find a dollar bill on the ground. In scenario 1, you put it in your pocket and keep walking, happy with your newfound wealth. In scenario 2, you glance behind you, see someone feverishly searching the ground for something, and […]

What Is Subliminal Perception In Psychology?

Perception without awareness is not the same thing as “subliminal perception.” Subliminal perception is supposed to occur when a stimulus is too weak to be perceived yet a person is influenced by it. By flashing up images and words very quickly scientists have been able to demonstrate reliably the process called subliminal perception. But, and […]

Do Subliminals Work Better When Sleeping?

Sometimes. Although it does provide a more direct route to your subconscious and gets faster results, some subliminals are better to listen to when awake, such as those where you mentally decide on the results. I would greatly recommend listening overnight, but please read the following: Do not make it so loud that it is […]

What Do Psychopaths Think Of Affirmations?

Affirmations is when you write something over and over with the intention of mentally programming yourself for success and sending the message out into the universe to achieve an end, correct? It’s one of those things I don’t really know a lot about. I personally have never done it. I address life in a very […]

Which Subliminal Channels Can I Trust?

Your question presupposes that you are interested in listening to Channels. There are a few good providers who offer their programming on , and some wonderful stuff offered for free but I would stress the word few. The programmes I’ve downloaded and analysed through audio software reveal that only a few have hidden content. There […]

Do Daily Affirmations Work If So How Long Before It Can Be Subconsciously Internalized?

Receiving daily affirmations seems to help maintain higher states of subjective well being within individuals based on some studies, e. g. writing a “Gratitude” list of three things you are grateful for, a type of self delivered affirmation that has been shown to improve and maintain a more resilient and positive attitude. This types of […]