Subliminal Message In Dumbo Movie

Subliminal Message In Dumbo Movie

I was watching dumbo movie in spanish and i found that they talk about satan so watch my video leave ure comments plz subscribe my twitter is atjmelissa217.. Thanks 4 watch my video

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today I’m in my house and I was watching a movie Dumba if you know the movie it’s a kids movie and I was watching it in Spanish because I’m bilingual and sometimes I like to see Spanish movies or English whatever and one day are still singing and in this part in the movie when Dumbo is drunk with that Mouse in Spanish I say things so weird they talk about demons and ghosts and things really strange I put it in English just to know if they say the same and it’s totally different so I’m going to show you what it says in Spanish cut I think it’s like subliminal or something like that because you don’t have to put that in in a kids movie it’s a really weird thing I’m going to show you this is the part one they start watching the elephants it is Miss panic I put the subtitles so if you can we just finish or something like that you can read it okay that’s all I’m gonna show you and I think they’re talking about goes and I don’t know how to say in English I think it’s a ten or something like that’s the devil so let me know what you think about this video it will you think about the disparity in a movie and leave your comments please rate and if you can please subscribe also you can find me in Twitter is Jamie always a 21 7 now I’m going to spell it is JM e liss0 7 so you can find me Twitter you can tell me what you wanted I look go looking for it what do you want me to do or talk so please watch my videos um today I’m in the afternoon I think I’m gonna make one with them with my sister’s so hope you see it in like it see you next time guys and hope you like this new video about what I found in dooba movie so I think that’s it and please go to my brother channel sooo I think is the Alex Guyardo so bye guys..

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  1. Who?
    who will?
    and they start parading
    come and
    look that jumps give
    will perhaps
    relatives of Satan

    they are already here
    go to bed environment
    upside down
    do not stop marching
    Terror give me
    I want to fly

    what I am going to do?
    we have to run?
    and I become not intoxicate

    They say that I was intoxicated
    It is presented with a vision
    are colored elephants
    making their appearance

    I that the devil Challenge
    and the tail will start
    the tricolor elephants
    They have made waste my valuable

    to and horror
    leave me alone
    I can not anymore
    no more
    and they leave

    the souls of terror
    animas …
    animas …
    animas …

  2. First sorry if u dont like the video and i didnt use different words or tell me if u are a expert in translate if u are plz tell me what did i say wrong:/…. and second i can spend my day watching kids movies and that’s not ur problem… if u dont like dont comment:)… have a nice day:)

  3. They always put triply stuff in Disney films. This movie came out 70 yrs. ago. Your not talking about anything new. There are triply scenes in Pinochio, Willy Wonka, wizard of Oz. Etc

  4. “Seeing pink elephants” is a euphemism for drunken hallucinations. The scene is supposed to scare kids away from drinking, as alcoholism was an even bigger problem in the 1940s than it is today.

  5. As a kid (im from 86), my SUB-conscious picked up something in that scene which my conscious could NOT grasp!

    Looking back as an adult i watched it back again and at the exact moment i felt uncomfortable i repeated the part a few times: the part where the piramids appear the camel walks, turns into a serpent(demonology) then into a bellydancer (seduction), then into an eye (which is symbol for “all-seeing”)….then i watched the whole scene again and understood this was more then “just some art”

    I know people will say/think “ah yess this dude is far gone”….but ask yourselves this question just for logics: why are these things in a CHILDREN’S animation-movie?? Children who would NEVER understand the meaning of what was shown? What is the use then? Why show it that way?

    There is a LOT wrong with disney movies

  6. OMG WTF did I just see!! this scene always scared me as a kid and I felt something sinister about it lied beneath the surface of the music and visuals but daaaaaamn Daniel! I didn’t know it was this bad.
    So Disney is obviously involved with the illuminati because they’re constantly always and forever promoting their symbolism and shit and so I was recently looking up Disney subliminal messages and found this dumbo scene and decided to zoom in for a closer inspection.
    I speak english and Spanish fluently and this is what is says in english:
    “Look outLook outPink elephants on parade Here they come, hipitty-hopitty They’re here & there
    Pink elephants everywhere
    Look out Look outThey’re walking around the bed On their head, clipitty-clapitty Arrayed, in braid Pink elephants on parade
    What’ll I do?What’ll I do?What an unusual view
    I can stand the sight of worms & look at microscopic germsBut technicolor pachydermsIs really too much for me
    I am not the type to faint When things are odd or things are quaint But seeing things you know that ain’t Can certainly give you an awful fright What a sight Chase them away Chase them away I’m afraid, need your aid Pink elephants on parade Pink elephants Pink elephants”
    So nothing sinister in these lyrics right? Other than the heavy background visuals of illuminati triangles and eye symbols, all you get is alot of elephant mumbo jumbo and weak lyric composure like “hipitty-hopitty/clipitty-clapitty.” Now, hearing the Spanish song version, I have translated what I hear because the movie gets em slightly wrong. (Also the Spanish songs includes alot more depth, meaning and lyrical composure since it doesn’t slap on “Hipitty-hopitty/clipitty-clapitty” at the end of sentences just to fill space)
    Spanish song:
    “Quien esQuien vaEmpiezan a desfilarVienen ya, mira que saltos danSeran quizas, parientes de Satanas
    Ya estan aquiEn torno a cama vanAl reves, como aca matanTerror me danMe quieren enloquecer
    Que voy a hacer?Ya me encloque!Ya no me vuelvo a embriagar
    All que abusa del licor Se le aparece una vision Son elefantes en colorQue espantan y dan terror
    Yo, que al Diablo desafieY que la cola le arranque Los pasteleros tricolorHan hecho que pierda mi gran valorAy, que horrorDejenme en pazNo puedo masYa se vanYa se vanLas animas del terrorLas animasLas animas”
    This shit right here nika?!? Let me tell you what this crazy shit say:
    “Who’s thereWho goesThey start paradingHere they come. See how they jump?They are, perhaps Satan’s relatives
    They are already hereAtmosphere, goes to bedUpside down, OH, how they kill over hereThey terrorize meThey want to drive me insaneWhat will I doI have gone madI won’t ever drink again
    Those who abuse alcoholA vision appears to themThey are elephants of colorThat frighten & terrorize
    I, whom defied the devil I, whom snatched Satan’s tailThe confectioner’s tri-colorHave made me lose my courageOh, what horrorsLeave me in peaceI can no longer bear itThey finally leave They finally leaveThe souls of terrorThe soulsThe souls..”


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