Louise Hay | #Subliminalaffirmations | Feeling Fine Positive Affirmations

Louise Hay | #Subliminalaffirmations | Feeling Fine Positive Affirmations

#Subliminal messages are a powerful way to reach the subconscious mind while bypassing critical awareness and logical reasoning.This will help you in building self-esteem and self-love giving rise to greater self-worth and confidence.LOUISE HAY

Every change you want to make that cannot be formed by awareness must be created on the subconscious mind level.

When youre trying to make a change but dont seem to get results, there are limiting beliefs that are blocking you, and you must eliminate them and instill new ones. This process can happen only through the subconscious mind.

Subliminal messages are the most powerful, easy, effective and friendly technique that deals directly with the root the subconscious mind.

Subliminal messages have been researched extensively and time after time and are proven to be the best method to create profound changes. This Relaxing Music-Subliminal method can be performed by anybody, and its effectiveness, results, and ease of use make it extremely popular and the most studied.

From a little- known technique that was used by the elite, subliminal messages has become widespread among millions.

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  1. nice subliminal to put on while sleeping,I was feeling low,just came across this let it play and not even 10 minutes I was back to normal.Thanks.I am going to share it.


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