Instantly Transfer Body Belly Fats To Breast & Butt Subliminal Affirmations

Instantly Transfer Body Belly Fats To Breast & Butt Subliminal Affirmations

The text:

My body is now reacting to these affirmations. My fat tissue and adipose cells are now reacting to these affirmations. I am now moving body fat safely from my waist to my breasts and butt. My belly fat moves safely from my waist to my breasts and butt now. I am now moving transferring adipose tissue from my abdomen to my breasts and butt. I maintain suitable and minimal amounts of fat on my abdomen and store the rest of my adipose tissue in my breasts and butt. My fat moves safely from my back to my breasts and butt now.

I maintain enough fat on my hips to maintain feminine curves. Any excessive fat is now safely stored only in my breasts and butt. I have perfectly sized muscular thighs. I maintain attractive amount of fat on my thighs.

My breasts and butt are ready for safe rapid expansion. My breast skin and butt skin has enhanced elasticity. My breasts and butt are firm and lifted. My breasts and butt are perfectly shaped and sized. I now ask my fat tissue and adipose tissue to fulfill these affirmations.

My body are manifesting these affirmations fast and safely. I love my body. My body does great job for me: ..

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Comment (15)

  1. Maaaaan this sub has me over here dancing Lol! My fiance was like well your butt is sure to get back to the bigger size it was with all that dancing you’re doing to that music Lol smh. The beat is just so contagious!

  2. Does anyone know what to do if one breast has been growing faster than the other and other people notice it? I started this today and I just don’t want a big difference in size between the two.

    At the moment I am an 32A and I am going to try to achieve a 32C or a 36C. I do massages to help with blood circulation, I drink lots of water, do push ups and other workouts to help with the growing and of course I do subliminals. One while I sleep and this and one more as I’m awake.

    Will the subliminals clash?

  3. I wish there was more comments
    Comment below:
    Do you think I’m black, Wight, Asian, Hispanic or other.
    Bounce if you get my hair (Nothing crazy ex: pink blue green) and eye color right
    Hint for me eyes not blue or brown

  4. This music is comforting stress reliving l feel safe and…. ALIVE listening and I feel better after this mentally and phisacly, so thank you so much I’m grateful for the music and message

  5. I just don’t know which channels to trust when it comes to ego filling as I call them/ physical subliminals, but I like your name and so I’m hoping I have decent judgment. Lol.

  6. Keep the vision and trust the process.

    How does subliminal affirmations work? Your subconscious mind is immensely powerful. Positive affirmations are useful in wiring the brain with empowering thought and emotional patterns, at the same time dissolving old, negative and limited patterns that do not serve you. The voices speaking in the video are saying the affirmations.

    This still works even if you don’t speak English. Your subconscious mind understands all the affirmations.Your conscious mind does not need to understand what they are saying.

    You can listen while you sleep. Your subconscious mind is still very receptive at night.

    Hints for faster results:
    1.Do not get obsessed with the thought of receiving results, you have to let go and just relax.
    2.Be positive. Now, this is very important in manifestation. Positivity leads to higher vibration in which you can manifest your result rapidly.
    3.Choose between a few subliminal or simply one subliminal. test and see what works best for you.
    4.Tell yourself it will take seconds to manifest, and the process will be faster. Your mindset is the key to successful manifestation.
    5.The less distractions there are, the quicker your mind absorbs the affirmations. 6. Smile and keep the joy while listening to the affirmations 😉

  7. can you make one for skin? My skin is dry, has a lot of aging spots and freckles on face and body. Also please make one for gray hair. I wish my hair can turn back to black color.

  8. I m little confused in the description it says: transfer body fat but on the picture: transfer belly fat so will this take away all fat move it from whole body or just from the belly? I only want to get rid of my belly and move the fat from there and not on my whole body?

  9. Wow amazing this is best sounds put together that’s really works an do enjoyable. What amazing person that put this together wow wee I can feel my whole body moving twitching making meore beautiful… I am listening with headphones so enjoyable. An yes it’s good an okay to hear the voices in background just means it’s working… Oh ya feel the tingling great stuff I thankful for the makers

  10. I would give anything to become a beautiful woman , yes anything.It would make me so happy to look down and not see that appendage between my legs .


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