Do Forced Subliminals Give Quick Results Are The Results Permanent Do They Get Reversed?

Not sure what you mean by “forced” subminimals, as there is no such thing as a “forced subliminal”. Subliminals are simply affirmations that are below the level of conscious awareness, that’s all. The subconscious either begins to accept the affirmations, or it doesn’t (if they are too contrary to ones current thought patterns), but there is no “force” involved.

Subliminal recordings that use “brain entrainment” frequencies simply attempt to make your brainwaves “sympathize” with them in order to achieve certain brainwave frequencies (i. e. alpha, delta, or theta), as it is believed the subconscious is easier to influence in these states, but it does not “force” anything, it simply attempts to “communicate” or “influence” the subconscious more easily, that’s all.

No “force” is involved with any subliminal recording whatsoever. So, it is not correct to refer to these recordings as “forced subliminals” at all. They are simply subliminal recordings, or subliminal recordings with brain entrainment. With recordings which utilize brain entrainment frequencies, the entrainment waves occur in the carrier waves themselves, the part you can hear, not in the subliminal portion.

Now, in answering your question, the first thing you need to understand is that fully 95% of all of the thoughts we think everyday are habitual. 95% of what you think is what you always think. It is your programmed thought patterns that are for the most part subconscious (i. e. thoughts you are not even aware of). These are what’s referred to as your “mental habit patterns”. The thoughts that you habitually think all the time. With this awareness, it should be easy to understand that just as your physical habits can be changed over a period of time, so your mental habit patterns, the thoughts you habitually think, can also be changed over a period of time.

Physical habits can be changed by consciously making yourself do something you desire to make a new habit (like putting your dishes in the sink immediately upon finishing eating, or exercising first thing in the morning), and doing this consistently for a period of between 3 to 6 weeks, after which you no longer have to give it any further conscious thought, as it has become something you do automatically without even thinking about it, and a new habit has become established.

It used to be believed the timeframe to develop new habits was simply 21 days (ever since Maxwell Maltz made the statement in his book “Psycocyberntics” in 1960, and mindlessly repeated by everyone ever since), but more recent experiments in the field of neuroplasticity have found the time it takes to establish a new habit actually varies with the individual, and have discovered that it takes between 2141 days for the brain to rewire itself and make new behaviors habitual, depending upon the individual).

As when one develops any new habit, there is a definite process that is involved.

During the training phase, one will find themselves having to force themselves to do the new action when they really don’t want to, and finding themselves “forgetting” to do the new behavior repeatedly and having to make themselves go back and make themselves go through the motions of the new behavior, and do this with consistency, over and over again. At a certain point, however, they suddenly find themselves simply doing the new behavior and at some point afterward they suddenly realize they did it without even thinking about it, at which point it has become a new habit, and is now easier to do than to not do for them going forward.

The new habit becomes self-reinforcing as it is performed over and over again going into the future with no additional effort being made on the individuals part at all.

It is the same process that happens when applied to establishing new mental habit patterns through the use of subliminal tapes.

In the very beginning, you need to commit yourself to listening to the subliminal title(s) of your choice consistently, on a daily basis, a minimum of once a day for as long as it takes to establish the new mental habit patterns. This will generally be between 3 – 6 weeks, with best results being attained by listening to the recordings the very first thing in the morning, when the brain is naturally in an alpha state, upon first waking up.

When first listening to a new subliminal title, you’ll begin to notice a shift in perception after you’ve listened to the subliminal recording, depending on what the affirmations are. Generally, the initial shift in perception will be noticed within the first 3 days or so, as the subconscious begins tracking with the subliminal messages that are hidden within the recording. This shift in perception will often be most noticeable in your response to others after a listening session.

For instance, when listening to a title such as “Increase Your Sense of Humor”, you’ll notice yourself instantly thinking of a funny response to what someone says that you realize you wouldn’t have thought of before; or seeing humor in what someone’s said that you wouldn’t have thought of or noticed previously… or after listening to a subliminal designed to “Have High Self-Esteem”, you begin to have a higher sense of pride in yourself when you’ve correctly provided someone with an answer to something they’ve asked, etc. while no one else may notice anything different about you at all, the difference in how you feel and how you see things will be noticeable to you, and will give you an incentive to continue listening to see how much stronger the effect might become, and how much of an improvement in your outlook and your perspective might ultimately be able to be achieved.

As you continue to listen to the same title consistently, over time you begin to notice that the effect after each listening session becomes even stronger as your subconscious begins tracking with the affirmations that are provided to it on a regular basis, and it begins getting used to these thoughts, accepting them more and more as a part of your own thought patterns.

At some point, you will begin to notice that the new thoughts, the new way of thinking starts to become your normal everyday way of thinking and occurs even when you don’t listen to the subliminal tapes. In the case of listening to a recording of “Good Humor”, you begin to find it starts to feel normal to tell jokes, to say things that make others laugh, to be seen as attractive to others because of your lightheartedness, and to see the humor in what others say and it’s just who you now are whether you listen to the subliminal recording or not…. or in the case of “Increasing Your Self-Esteem”, you begin to find yourself feeling good about yourself immediately upon waking up, and as you go about every aspect of your life, in every aspect of your day even when you don’t listen to the recording. At this point, you’ll begin to realize that the new mental thought patterns have become habitual for you.

So, at this point, when the sought after changes remain a part of you even when you no longer listen to the recordings, one can consider these new mental habit patterns to have become “permanent”.

However, because our lives are always changing, and what occurs in our lives affect us and shapes the way we think and feel constantly, there is nothing that we can truly call “permanent” when it comes to our minds and the way we think and feel. For this reason, one may find the need to listen to subliminal tapes again from time to time in the future to give themselves a mental “tune-up” so to speak, and to reinforce or reintroduce the desired mental habit patterns once again, as needed.

Lets say one has listened to a tape on “increasing self-esteem” and finds themselves feeling really good about themselves all of the time after listening to the title for a few weeks. Then, feeling like the change is pretty well set, they stop listening to the title, and everything seems to be going just fine, and they’re quire happy with the changes they experience in their outlook, with the changes for them seeming to be permanent as far as they can tell.

Then, when the holidays come around, they travel home and are around individuals they normally don’t encounter in their everyday lives: family members who are negative individuals who put them down; who make disparaging comments to them and about them; individuals who openly show their lack of appreciation for them; and so on, and they are subjected to this consistently for a number of days. Such an environment cannot help but erode ones sense of self-esteem, and force the mind to try to find ways to cope with these things they ordinarily do not have to contend with in their normal everyday life. At this point, they would be in need of reinforcement, and a bit of mental retraining in order to strengthen and reinforce their sense of self-esteem, and to counter the circumstances they had temporarily had to contend with.

A few days of listening once again to the subliminal on “Increasing High Self-Esteem”, would bring tremendous relief, allow them to feel good about themselves once again, help them stop thinking about what had occurred with these insensitive and disrespectful individuals, and to stop thinking about what had occurred as their mind finds itself able to see the situation from a new perspective of placing a high value on themselves and finding it easy to disregard the thoughts of others, once again having their high sense of self-esteem returned to them.

In time, with continued listening and the new mental habit patterns becoming even more ingrained in their thought patterns, even being exposed to such negative circumstances they would find themselves able to remain detached, unaffected, and able to maintain their sense of high self -esteem, or at least for an even longer duration before such a mental “tune-up” might be needed.

But again, this is because the nature of the human mind is that it is always changing, it is always having to make sense and respond to the circumstances we find ourselves in, and we are always needing to monitor how our circumstances and situations are affecting us and choosing how we will respond to them. In some cases, our choice will be in changing how we respond emotionally, as seems appropriate to us at the time, while in other cases our choice will be to speak up and tell others how we feel and what we think and let them know their behavior or comments are not appreciated and will not be tolerated, while at other times we may simply decide the circumstances we are asked to contend with are something we simply will not tolerate and we will chose not to put ourselves in that position at all again, regardless of what anyone else may think.

Each of these responses will have an effect on our ability to maintain our own sense of self-esteem, and will therefore contribute to whether the changes we have attained from listening to subliminal tapes are “permanent” for us or not.

Because of the ever changing natures of our minds, I always advise anyone who listens to subliminal tapes to affect changes in their lives to keep the titles on hand into the future, just in case a “tune up” is ever needed.

You may find that you never need such a “tune up”, and that the changes you have attained are, indeed, “permanent” for you. Or, you might find over time that for some reason you feel you would benefit from a few days of revisiting these titles again and giving yourself a bit of a “tune-up”. No one can tell you which you may find occurring in your life, because no one can foretell what circumstances you may find yourself having to contend with in your life, or for how long, or how much of an effect it may have on you.

So, while subliminal recordings CAN produce long term, permanent results, you may find in your specific situation that you might benefit from an occasional “tune up” to keep the new mental habits you have established in your life as powerful and strong as they were when you first established them.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Subliminal Messages.

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  1. Hi please reply my eyesight has become extremely Bad from using eye color subliminal will this give me my eyesight from before subliminals please reply fast and thank you

  2. guys i got rlly scared cuz i like changed my body a bit but i dont want it to be permanent, so if i listen to this then everything will get back to the way it was right? please help cuz im very scared


    I just forgot to include the word ‘undesired’ in the thumbnail.

    I don’t recommend using this alongside with other subliminals. Think of it as a type of flush. Cause it’s that.

  4. Did anyone who had a bad experience with subliminals that make their faces worse have their old face back because of this sub?? Whenever I listen to these types of subs they just make my face worse and I’m worried. Also if anyone had these experiences you can talk to me.

  5. i listened to the golden face ratios and other things and it messed up my face can this fix it?cuz ppl call me cute but i wanted to be hot but now im none lool.

  6. Listening to this as accidentally listened to Mind Power’s video, which gives bad results and harmful satanic effects too :'( i believe in God and trust the Higher Power

  7. After reading these comments I think I’ll stick with being myself and excepting myself. My self image was something I struggled so when I found out about these, I turned to them. I’ve read these comments saying how they hate themselves now and I rather be myself than change myself and hate my new image. I’ve used them for a 1 week Max? That was awhile ago now I’m on my second day of doing them. Hopefully affects won’t happen because I will be stopping. I hope the rest of y’all out there get your images back 🙁

  8. Wow this is really cool. I’ve read people in the comment section on other subs saying that they screwed up their faces. I might (probably) use this at some point.

  9. If I do this, will it get rid of the pain I’m having from one of my subs??? I’m having really bad pains when I sit down and stand. I hate it so much. It hurts so bad too. :(((

    (After almost a week) WOW! It’s really been helping! I watch this and her silent booster, and it helps so much! I try to listen every day.

  10. Grab some popcorn, cause this is long.

    SO unlike the other people here, the subliminals for my face made me prettier. I’m so happy for that. But my body can’t relate.

    Two years ago, in 2016, I had lost a lot of weight and was very skinny and happy with my body. I never binged nor did I gain too much weight, I had an AMAZING body. It was the best body I’d had in a LONG time. But I was not happy with my height. See, I had moved to a new school where everyone was much shorter and grew slower (height, maturity and pubertal wise). So when I saw that everyone was so much smaller ( I was so used to being the short kid at my old school..) I started feeling a bit insecure. I was actually quite short for my age but I thought I was REALLY tall. Which I wasn’t.

    I started googling ways to get shorter, going through different ways (sleeping in a tuck position, not stretching in the mornings etc). And none of them worked. This brings me to subliminals.

    I was googling stuff when I found a video (by hypnodaddy) that was a get shorter subliminal. I was so confused, yet so desperate that I started listening. In a week, i had already dropped TWO CM! I thought it was a MIRACLE! I then started branching out into other things. Nose subliminals, look like Ariana Grande, boosters.. Everything was good and swell for the next couple months, until I started gaining weight like CRAZY. Keep in mind my eating habits aren’t bad. I eat very healthy and eat very little sometimes (school really coming at me ) Anyways, I told my mum, she just told me it was puberty, don’t worry, you’ll lose weight… blah blah blah. I believed her, until I checked the scale and i had gone up 11 kilos in 6 MONTHS. (around 24 lb). I was hysterical! Why was I gaining so much weight?

    By now, I was listening to so many subs to become skinnier, lose weight, etc etc. And nothing was working. My weight just KEPT ON GOING UP. I didn’t know what to do, and I thought that it was my fault. My (tmi) breasts had gotten bigger even though the sub said they’d get smaller. My arms and thighs were bigger and I started getting a (very small) double chin. I hated my body.

    I finally weighed myself again a couple weeks ago. 53.5. I started 31 kg. I then looked back at the timeline, and I had only started gaining when I started using subs. I know, right?!

    So here I am, restarting everything. No subs, so bs. I know better than to mess with what I’ve been given. Face subs ONLY from now on. After my 1.5 month break, of course.

    Thank you.

  11. Everyone Who messed up There selfs and are telling others not to listen to Subliminals. Subs aren’t bad but be careful what you want

  12. Okay, story time!

    Look, I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I realllly wanted to know what being pregnant looked like…now, I see you judging me, but I actually thought it was a good idea. Look, I don’t even know what the hell was happening to me, I was in dire need to do it. When I first clicked the video I couldn’t stop watching, thing is, it turns out it was permanent! Even then, I kept listening. I didn’t know what it was, it was like a forced addiction. Anyways, I was getting results so quickly, so I used a subliminal that was similar, to feel the effects. I started getting horrible stomach aches…it was awful. I start to check out the channels other videos, coming to common sense…they were full off kinky stuff, manifest your favorite—, and erection videos. That’s when I realized I was completely and utterly stupid….

    Please, never let your mind wonder, I used to be 90pounds…now I’m 101… I’m so humiliated of myself, I cry every night thinking about my body. School’s coming in and I want it all to leave. After listening to this for a few days… I’ll try to find stomach loss subs….I wanna keep my hips, but my stomach needs to go.


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