Be The Best Anime And Manga Artist! ~ Subliminal Messages

Be The Best Anime And Manga Artist! ~ Subliminal Messages

Want to be the best and most popular Anime and Manga artist? This should help!

You should watch this at least 3-6 times a day.

When will you get results?

It’s different for everyone, you should start seeing changes after 1-2 weeks or so, really noticeable results after 3 months.

Listen at a low volume.

This works for people who understand English.

You know the drill!

I don’t own the music nor images shown in this video!

[FULL] BTS () – (Blood Sweat & Tears) – Piano Cover by Smyang

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  1. Can you please make one where at will we can active an “anime filter” where we can automatically see everything (objects, people, animals, etc.) around us as if it were an anime and we can choose the style? We’d be able to switch it on and off at will with no side effects whatsoever.
    I know it sounds like a dumb request, but hey, there are worse ones out there


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