Artistic Creativity | Subliminal Affirmations

Artistic Creativity | Subliminal Affirmations

Creative block can stop you dead in your tracks if you allow it to. The self-doubt and indecisiveness can leave you dancing around ideas without taking action to move forward and bring your creations to life.

This subliminal affirmations video provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music to silence your inner critic and self-doubt while powerful positive affirmations open the floodgates of creative flow within you, so you can get in the zone fast and keep on creating.

I love to create.

Brilliant, new ideas are flowing into my mind.

I am making time to create now.

I wake up each morning filled with creative inspiration.

I am tapping in to an infinite source of creative energy.

I am always developing my artistic skills.

The more I work to create, the more I want to work to create.

My skills are improving more and more each day.

My creativity is flowing effortlessly now.

My heart is opening up to a lifetime of creativity.

I always make room to express my creativity.

Expressing my creativity brings me great joy.

Being creative is something I just have to do every day.

My creative expression gives meaning to my life.

My creations bring joy to others.

My mind is tapping into an endless stream of creative ideas.

Creative ideas come to me all the time now.

The more I create, the more my creative skills improve.

The more I create, the easier it is for me to create.

I’m always ready to take action and make my ideas a reality.

Every day I am becoming even more skilled and inventive.

My flow of fresh new ideas continues to surprise even me.

I allow my creative energy to flow freely now.

Headphones are recommended but not required.

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  1. Game is sold not to be told, if people only knew that using these positive affirmations/binuaral beats work.


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