Are There Subliminal Messages In Stairway To Heaven By Led Zeppelin?

If there are, I’ve never heard them; you are referring to back masking – are you not? I was once in a situation where I could hear “Stairway To Heaven” backwards in its entirety – and I heard nothing intelligible!

As far as subliminal messages are concerned, I’ve not heard nor have I read any references to such a practise. Even if there were, I cannot fathom what the purpose of those messages would be – buy more records?

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Subliminal Messages.

Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven Backwards Satanic Msg

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  1. plays Stairway to Heaven backwards
    gets “satanic” messages
    But what if…
    plays Highway to Hell backwards
    gets christian messages

  2. You know? If you think about it, the opposite of Heaven is Hell, so the opposite forward is backward. Its kinda saying “You are listening to Stairway to Hell” and thats it.

  3. To me it’s only saying what one wants to hear, if you think it’s saying something satanic, you’ll hear something satanic. I 1st listened to the backwards portion with my phone face down to see if I could understand anything. And only one word sounds similar to Satan, but more like Saytown. Then I watched and read and if someone tells you what it’s saying, then yes you can “Hear it” more. But that’s also like Ghost Hunters and their EVP’s(Electronic Voice Phenomena) They’ll tell you what the squeals and static says to them, and you’ll say, Yeah I did hear it….

  4. Creepiest part is somewhere in the beginning of the song, when playing it forward, he says “Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.”

  5. “This song has not been modified or changed in any way from the original”. This is incorrect; it’s backwards.

  6. I’ve been hearing about this backmasking crap for years since I was a teenager in the seventies.My father who was a pastor would play rock albums backwards convinced he was hearing vile things.Then I grabbed a gospel album and played it backwards and heard just about the same things as the rock albums lol.You can convince yourself if you listen hard enough that someone purposefully did these things.I watched a documentary on this once and a studio engineer said “even if we wanted to “backmask” a song it would have been incredibly difficult and time consuming and also costly and to what benefit exactly? if you think about it we should have been backmasking songs to say “buy more records” when you played them backwards.Forget Satan,he never gave me a paycheck”

  7. How can this be a hidden message when the song was written/designed to be heard only in forward play?
    Now if there were subliminal messages in forward play then I would be less sceptical.
    Live said/written backwards is evil – meaningless.


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